Wine Reception

All registered participants and presenters are cordially invited to join us for a wine reception, which will take place at the conference venue (Unipark Nonntal) on Thursday, March 8. The wine reception, which is generously sponsored by the University of Salzburg, will begin at 18:00 or right after the end of the days’ last session.

2 thoughts on “Wine Reception”

  1. I expect, or am I quite wrong? that when you say “wine reception January 8” you mean wine reception March 8 2018???? because I will be unable to attend on January 8….
    best wishes RCB

    1. Dear Raphaëlle (if I may),

      thank you very much for pointing this error out! I’ve just made the correction; it should obviously read “March” and not “January”. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you in Salzburg soon!
      Best regards,

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