Amy Herzog is a media historian whose research spans a broad range of interdisciplinary subjects, including film, philosophy, popular music, gender and sexuality, urban history, pornography, gentrification, parasites, amusement parks, and dioramas. She is Associate Professor of Media Studies at Queens College and Coordinator of the Film Studies Program at the CUNY Graduate Center. She also teaches as a Visiting Associate Professor at the Lewis Center for the Arts at Princeton University.


Herzog is the author of Dreams of Difference, Songs of the Same: The Musical Moment in Film (University of Minnesota Press, 2010) and co-editor, with Carol Vernallis and John Richardson, of The Oxford Handbook of Sound and Image in Digital Media (Oxford, 2013). Her writing has appeared in several collections and journals, and she has presented her work at numerous venues including the Guggenheim Museum of New York, the New Museum, Dixon Place, New York Academy of Medicine, and The Morbid Anatomy Museum. Her most recent research project explores the history of peep show arcades in Times Square, New York.


Richard Dyer is Professor Emeritus of Film Studies at King’s College, London, and Professorial Fellow in Film Studies at the University of St Andrews, UK.

Richard_DyerHe has been honored by the Society for Cinema and Media Studies, the British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies, and Turku and Yale Universities, and is a Fellow of the British Academy.

His research interests include entertainment and representation and the relations between them as well as music and film (including melodrama), Italian cinema (especially in its popular forms) and gay/lesbian/queer cultures.


Rajinder Dudrah is Professor of Cultural Studies and Creative Industries in the Birmingham School of Media at Birmingham City University, UK.

Rajinder’s academic interests are in film, media, cultural studies, and creative industries research across Bollywood cinema, Black British representation, popular music, diasporic and transnational media, television studies, cultural theory and qualitative research methods as applied to popular culture. He is one of the founders and co-editors of the internationally peer reviewed journal South Asian Popular Culture with Routledge publishers. His books include: Bollywood: Sociology Goes to the Movies (2006); Bollywood Travels: Culture, Diaspora and Borders Crossings in Popular Hindi Cinema (2012); and SRK and Global Bollywood (co-edited with Elke Mader and Bernhard Fuchs, 2015).


Claudia Gorbman is professor emerita of film studies at the University of Washington Tacoma.


She wrote Unheard Melodies: Narrative Film Music (Indiana / BFI, 1987), and has translated and edited several books by Michel Chion, most recently Words on Screen (Columbia UP, 2017). She is currently completing the translation of the second English edition of Chion’s Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen (now in its fourth edition in French). She has edited or co-edited books including The Oxford Handbook of New Audiovisual Aesthetics (Oxford, 2013), and has authored about 70 articles, mostly on film music and sound.

She taught a range of film subjects over forty years, including: film history (silent film through contemporary world cinema), film genres (most frequently the western, documentary, melodrama, musical, and film noir), individual filmmakers, national cinemas, aspects of film theory, film sound and film music, genre and gender, writing film criticism and intro to film studies.